What do you do when your boss at the side job tears you a new one?

I work part time serving at an elegant casual restaurant. This particular establishment has been operating for decades and has a wonderful regular clientele.

As I hire staff on an as-needed basis for my catering events; I’m always looking for quality people to work with. Mid October I started scheduling for all the December holiday parties.

Recently I started hiring the bartender at my side job on her off days. She only works weekends at this restaurant and has no other employment currently, so I booked her for a few days over during the week. This young woman is an amazing worker and I’m thrilled that she’s able to work with me.

Last week (end of November) the manager told this young woman to not book any time off between now and Christmas because she might need her to work some weekdays. The young bartender replied that she had some other work booked with Christine for catering.

That was unacceptable. The manager flew off the handle at her.

When I arrived at the restaurant, I was invited into the office and subject to a tirade which included the following:

“How could you be so inconsiderate to schedule the bartender during Christmas.”

“You know it’s busy and she’s our only bartender.”

“You should have talked to me about the shifts you want her to work.”

“I don’t even know what I need yet, people are still booking parties. So if I need her on your days and can’t work around it, sorry but she’s mine.”

“You screwed me over. Now I’m going to do my best to not screw you over.”

Is this how problems are solved?

If I had been approached in a “Hey, I’m short staffed and can we talk about this” type of way, there could have been a workaround. The young woman would have gotten the hours and paycheque that she needs, and both businesses would have fulfilled staffing requirements.

As it stands now, no one wins. I’m completely finished with this establishment, the only reason I’m continuing is that I can’t in good conscience leave a restaurant during the busiest time of the year. the bartender loses, as I will be replacing her on my schedule, and it’s extremely unlikely that she will make even close to the same paycheque that I would have provided her with the restaurant, and the restaurant will most likely lose two staff members by the new year due to this outburst.

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